• How to stay warm in Iceland
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    How to stay Warm in Iceland

    Here you can find the full detailed guide on what to wear and what to eat in Iceland along with few fun survival tips for when you are traveling around in cold places. Make sure to read this to stay warm in Iceland.

  • Urridafoss in Thjorsa
    South Coast,  Waterfalls in Iceland

    Urridafoss waterfall and Thjorsa river

    Urridafoss is one of the most powerful waterfalls in Europe. Written as Urriðafoss with the Ð letter in Icelandic. But this waterfall is named after a fish. Urriði means trout and foss means waterfall. It is in the south west corner of Iceland just 10 minute drive east from the town Selfoss. It is the last major waterfall in the great Thjorsa river, written Þjórsá in Icelandic. Þjór means bull and á means a river. Thjorsa is the longest river in Iceland and is a glacier river coming from Hofsjökull.

  • Top 10 2020
    Icelands volcanic landscape,  Travel Tips,  Waterfalls in Iceland

    Best places to visit in Iceland for 2020

    This article covers the best top 10 unique places to visit in Iceland for 2020.Remember to check on road conditions and weather before setting off. The time of year can make a big difference. In the winter time we around 4 – 5 hours of sunlight in December – January but the midnight sun dances around through the summer keepin the sky bright! These places where picked from a personal favorite and it was not easy. There are so many other places around Iceland and picking the top 10 places is just scratching The top of the Iceberg. However, I made sure that this list is can be inspiring for…

  • Mt. Hekla and þjórsá
    South Coast,  Volcanic

    Mt. Hekla

    Mt. Hekla is a volcano that has played a huge role in shaping Iceland’s culture. However the eruptions have influenced more than Icelanders over the centuries. Ash often reached Europe and because of the regular eruptions from Hekla it became a well known volcano. It is likely that Mt. Hekla was blamed for other volcanic eruptions that happened in Iceland because news traveled slowly and Hekla is a easy name to pronounce. In this volcanic article we go into all the info for the Visitor Centre, Statistics, History & Culture, Tours, Geology, Nature and of course Fun Facts! #Hekla#Gatewaytohell#mt.Hekla The Hooded cloak Mt. Hekla is without a doubt a unique…

  • Skálholt the bishop seat
    The Golden Circle

    Skálholt the land of the Bishops

    At Skalholt is a large cathedral on top of underground vaults, monastery, a school and services and a large farmland with many farmers around. Because of this the place was described as the largest town in Iceland in 1072. The area is called Biskupstungur (translates to Bishops tongs) since here you could hear the bishop talk.

  • A lot of snow and time creates glaciers.
    Glaciers,  Ice caves

    Langjokull Glacier

    Named after its length, Langjokull is the second largest ice cap in Iceland. "The long glacier" - Langjokull is actually an ice cap and takes its form because of the mountain along the volcanic zones and tectonic rift. Hera you can explore what this giant has to offer and get to know what it is hiding.

  • Kerid crater lake
    The Golden Circle,  Volcanic

    Kerid Crater

    Kerid crater is a stunning volcanic crater with a deep blue lake in the middle. The crater which is technically a caldera is just outside of the town Selfoss on the way to or from of the Golden Circle. Kerid has the ð (Ð) latter in Icelandic (Kerið). Ð has the fun sound that is similar to a th with a hint of a bee flying around. This site is a popular site stop in the beginning or in the end of the Golden Circle but is most crowded in the beginning of the day. This Top of the Iceberg article has the classic info about the Visitor Centre, Statistics,…

  • Image by Sharon Ang from Pixabay
    Icelands volcanic landscape,  The Golden Circle

    Lake Thingvallavatn

    It is the largest natural lake in Iceland. Filled with myths and amazing geology. It is a place exploding with life and a beautiful place for fishing. With a lovely drive around the lake and plenty of small stops for the view you can dive a little bit deeper into the lake right here.

  • Image by Michael Bußmann from Pixabay
    The Golden Circle,  Waterfalls in Iceland

    Thingvellir National Park

    Þingvellir is the culture heartland of Iceland and a UNESCO world heritage site. It was on this sight in the year 930 that Alþingi was formed. Situated in between Europe and North American, this place continues to grow and changes every year. Since people first arrived in Iceland there has been drama, fights, celebrations, concerts, games, and gatherings in this stunning place. Thingvellir is a must visit for any nature lovers and history buffs.

  • The lagoon Cave
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    The best Ice Cave tour in Iceland.

    It takes a lot of work finding the best Ice caves and if they are well known it can be crowded. The easiest and safest way to get to one is to book a Ice cave tour in Iceland. But any hole in the ice can be called a “ice cave”.   So here are 5 questions to keep in mind before booking a tour. What do you think about when you imagine an Ice cave?Keep that image in mind when and it will help you in your quest for the perfect Ice cave. Remember that image because you will need it later. Ice caves are water tunnels that have…