The Golden Circle

The Golden Circle was the first tourist route in Iceland. 17th century Scientists are reason why the circle became so popular. They started to explore the wonders around Iceland doodling around. After all, scientists are the original hipsters. However, they travelled on horseback and it took them two weeks to finish the whole circle. To be fair they did hike up Hekla volcano as well. The classic circle has 3 main stops at Þingvellir, Geysir and Gullfoss. But there are so many other places to see as well. The classic circle is around 230 kilometers (140 miles) so it can be done in one day. This is around 6 - 7 hours of driving with stops. In the winter the sunlight is from 4 - 5 hours in December to January. Of course the daylight gets longer closer to the summer and it is easier to visit all the spots in the Golden Circle and avoiding the crowds in the summertime. Many tours start early in the day and in the summertime you have all the 24 hours of the day.  The busiest times are around noon and diles down over the day except in Kerið which is usually the first or last stop in the circle. With everything you need to know about the Golden Circle is right here on the Top of the Iceberg. Every article is from individual sites and are updated regularly. The articles are built out of info about Visitor Centers and facilities around, Statistics, History & Culture, Geology, Nature and Fun Facts along with other sup categories. Here we will turn the gold to Platinum.

  • Skálholt the bishop seat
    The Golden Circle

    Skálholt the land of the Bishops

    At Skalholt is a large cathedral on top of underground vaults, monastery, a school and services and a large farmland with many farmers around. Because of this the place was described as the largest town in Iceland in 1072. The area is called Biskupstungur (translates to Bishops tongs) since here you could hear the bishop talk.

  • Kerid crater lake
    The Golden Circle,  Volcanic

    Kerid Crater

    Kerid crater is a stunning volcanic crater with a deep blue lake in the middle. The crater which is technically a caldera is just outside of the town Selfoss on the way to or from of the Golden Circle. Kerid has the ð (Ð) latter in Icelandic (Kerið). Ð has the fun sound that is similar to a th with a hint of a bee flying around. This site is a popular site stop in the beginning or in the end of the Golden Circle but is most crowded in the beginning of the day. This Top of the Iceberg article has the classic info about the Visitor Centre, Statistics,…

  • Image by Sharon Ang from Pixabay
    Icelands volcanic landscape,  The Golden Circle

    Lake Thingvallavatn

    It is the largest natural lake in Iceland. Filled with myths and amazing geology. It is a place exploding with life and a beautiful place for fishing. With a lovely drive around the lake and plenty of small stops for the view you can dive a little bit deeper into the lake right here.

  • Image by Michael Bußmann from Pixabay
    The Golden Circle,  Waterfalls in Iceland

    Thingvellir National Park

    Þingvellir is the culture heartland of Iceland and a UNESCO world heritage site. It was on this sight in the year 930 that Alþingi was formed. Situated in between Europe and North American, this place continues to grow and changes every year. Since people first arrived in Iceland there has been drama, fights, celebrations, concerts, games, and gatherings in this stunning place. Thingvellir is a must visit for any nature lovers and history buffs.

  • Waiting for Geysir
    The Golden Circle,  Volcanic

    The Great Geysir

    The Great Geysir is why we call them geyser. #geysir#greatgeysir#strokkur Geysir mean to gush. The Great geysir is one of the three main attractions for the Golden Circle, this is the place were geysers got first discovered and the Great Geysir became the namesake of all geysers as a result from that. Also known as the Great Geysir, Geysir is only one of many geysers in the area and is the largest one in Iceland. Geysir translates too “to gush” and while this phenomenon is known around our planet it can only be found in the right conditions with volcanic activity in which Iceland has plenty. With a easy path…

  • Gullfoss
    The Golden Circle,  Waterfalls in Iceland

    Gullfoss Waterfall

    Gullfoss is one of Iceland’s most famous two step waterfall and is situated close to the highlands of Iceland and is the name sake of The Golden Circle. Gullfoss means the golden falls. Gull means gold and foss means waterfall. In a sunbathed weather the waterfalls shimmers in the falling glacier water. The spray can reach high out of the gorge and create a stunning rainbow. But this article dives deeper into everything you want to know about the waterfall.

  • Faxi
    The Golden Circle,  Waterfalls in Iceland

    Faxi waterfall

    The Faxi waterfall in the Golden Circle. Everything you need to know Google map#faxi Faxi is a small waterfall in Iceland and is part of the Golden Circle but it has another name, Vatnsleysufoss, however it is better known by its shorter name so no worries on trying to pronounce that. Faxi is in the river Tungufljót so sometimes it is called the Tunga (the tongue) by locals and white water kayakers. It is a freshwater river that merges into the river Ölfusá that flows through the town of Selfoss. There is usually a calmness in the area thanks to the trees creating a wind barrier making it a beautiful…

  • Icelands volcanic landscape,  The Golden Circle,  Volcanic

    The Christian lava field

    – The Christian lava field (aka Svínahraun) Google map Elevation: 247 m / 810 feet The lava that drove pagans to convert to Christianity   #svinahraun#svínahraun#kristnitökuhraun Known by its given name Svínahraun (Pig Lava) because of an old pig farm. This famous lava field was flowing in the amazing years 999 to 1000. It is called the Christian lava field because of the decisions made at the parliament session during the same time piriot at Þingvellir. Icelanders discussed and argued over if they should rather convert to Christianity and leave the old pagan ways behind them or keep to the old gods and lose all trade with Norway. Statistics Svínahraun…