Iceland’s Volcanic landscape

Iceland’s volcanic landscape makes this island unique at every turn. With so many volcanoes and lava fields to explore and so much information around it. You can find it here After all this is just from the Top of the Iceberg with 90% more in every article.

With volcanic zones that feed the volcanoes in Iceland thanks to the tectonic rift happening on the surface. Funny thing is that volcanic zones are more or less a nice way to say that volcanologist can’t say for sure how many volcanoes there are in Iceland.

Volcanic eruption from Bardabunga in the highlands of Iceland.
The eruption in 2015 from Bardabunga (Bárðabunga) had magma geysers rising 60 meters (197 ft) into the air. Image from jmarti20.

With 30 volcanic zones or systems that feed the 130 volcanoes in Iceland. We know of 30 active volcanoes. We monitored most of them daily in case of any changes.

All this volcanic activity is coming from a hot spot which is theorised to be linked to a mantle plume making the surface of Iceland young at heart. Like any other hot spots in the world with one exception, the Atlantic ridge. The hot spot under Iceland is especially active because of the Atlantic ridge creating a weakness in earth’s crust. This gives us the chance to explore the unique volcanic landscape between two continents.

Iceland’s volcanic culture

As a result of Iceland’s volcanic landscape your get huge cultural influences from nature.

Life in a volcanic island high in Iceland.
The alien like Icelandic volcanic landscape. Image from Majaranda.

The tectonic plates are splitting the island in two. So everyday there are earthquakes in Iceland that are usually small but many. Thanks to the plates drifting apart the seismic activity is not as devastating, but they can be large. Earthquakes can also be the result of magma moving around underground

What’s skaking now? Take a look

But hey! It’s part of the adventure of Iceland. To experience them you can enjoy the geothermal baths and swimming pools all around Iceland. With all this natural heat coming up from the ground we are quite spoiled with all this warm water.

Iceland's volcanic landscape is filled with caves and hot springs, sometimes both
The volcanic landscape hides the most amazing places.
This is a underwater hot spring river inside a cave.

When traveling around sites make sure to take swimwear so to enjoy the local experience of the Icelandic volcanic landscape.

Fun Fact

Icelandic for volcano is eldfjall, meaning fire mountain.

Hraun means lava and is also a popular chocolate bar.

Aska means ash and ones a year we celebrate a Halloween themed day called the Ash day.

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